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Charles Wesley

Charles Wesley


TUNE: Millennium

Let earth and heaven agree

Charles Wesley was possibly the most prolific hymn writer that ever lived. It is estimated that he wrote more than 6500 hymns. He was born In Epworth, Lincolnshire (UK) . Along side his brother, John, Charles was used mightily by God during the 18th century ‘Great Evangelical Awaking’.


Let earth and heaven agree
Angels and men be joined,
To celebrate with me
The Saviour of mankind;
To adore the all-atoning Lamb,
And bless the sound of Jesu’s Name.


Jesus, transporting sound!
The joy of earth and heaven!
No other help is found,
No other name is given
By which we can salvation have;
But Jesus came the world to save.


Jesus harmonious Name!
It charms the host above;
They evermore proclaim,
And wonder at His love;
‘Tis all their happiness to gaze,
‘Tis heaven to see our Jesu’s face.


His Name the sinner hears,
And is from sin set free;
‘Tis music in his ears,
‘Tis life and victory;
New songs do now his lips employ,
And dances his glad heart for joy


Stung by the scorpion sin,
My poor expiring soul
The balmy sound drinks in,
And is at once more made whole;
See there my Lord upon the tree!
I hear, I feel, He died for me.


For me and all mankind
The Lamb of God was slain:
My Lamb His life resigned
For every soul of man:
Loving to all, He none passed by,
He would not have one sinner die.


O unexampled love!
O all-redeeming grace!
How freely didst Thou move
To save a fallen race!
What shall I do to make it known
What Thou for all mankind hast done?


For this alone I breathe,
To spread the gospel sound,
Glad tidings of Thy death
To all the nations round,
Who all may feel Thy blood applied,
Since all are freely justified.


O for a trumpet voice
On all the world to call,
To bid their hearts rejoice
In Him who died for all!
For all my Lord was crucified,
For all, my Saviour died!


To serve Thy blessed will,
Thy dying love to praise,
Thy counsel to fulfil,
And minister Thy grace,
Freely what I receive to give,
The life of heaven on earth I live.