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Charles Wesley

Charles Wesley


TUNE: Beulah

Jesus, my strength and righteousness,

Charles Wesley was possibly the most prolific hymn writer that ever lived. It is estimated that he wrote more than 6500 hymns. He was born In Epworth, Lincolnshire (UK) . Along side his brother, John, Charles was used mightily by God during the 18th century ‘Great Evangelical Awaking’.


Jesus, my strength and righteousness,
My Saviour, and my King,
Triumphantly Thy Name I bless,
Thy conquering name I sing.
Thou, Lord hast magnified Thy Name,
Thou hast maintained Thy cause,
And I enjoy the glorious shame,
The scandal of Thy cross .


This is the saving power of God:
Whoe’er this word receive,
Feel all the effects of Jesu’s blood,
And sensibly believe:
Saved from the guilt and power of sin
By instantaneous grace,
They trust to have Thy life brought in,
And always see Thy face.


The pure in heart Thy face shall see
Before they hence remove,
Redeemed from all iniquity,
And perfected in love.
This is the great Salvation ! This
The prize at which we aim,
The end of faith , the hidden bliss,
The new, mysterious name.


The name inscribed in the white stone,
The unbeginning Word ,
The mystery so long unknown,
The secret of the Lord.
The living bread sent down from heaven,
The saints’ and angels’ food,
The immortal seed, the little leaven,
The effluence of God!


The tree of life, that blooms and grows
In the midst of paradise,
The pure and living stream, that flows
Back to its native skies;
The Spirit’s law, the covenant seal,
The eternal righteousness,
The glorious joy unspeakable,
The unutterable peace!


The treasure in the gospel field,
The wisdom from above,
Hid from the wise, to babes revealed,
The precious pearl of love;
The mystic power of godliness,
The end of death and sin,
The antepast of heavenly bliss,
The kingdom fixed within.


The Morning Star, that glittering bright,
Shines to the perfect day,
The Sun of Righteousness- the Light
The Life, the Truth, the Way:
The image of the living God
His nature, and His mind,
Himself He hath on us bestowed,
And all in Christ we find.