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Isaac Watts

Isaac Watts


TUNE: Farnboro

I’ll speak the honours of my King

Born in Southampton, (UK) Dr. Watts became known as the father of English hymnody. The story goes that one day after returning from a Dissenting meeting house, the young Watts complained about the poor content of the Psalmody; he said that it is as if Jesus had never come! His Father then turned to him and told young Isaac to produce something better. And so he did, producing some of the most wonderful Christ – centred hymns in the language. Watts became known as the ‘Father of English hymns’.

(Psalm 45 – The personal glories and Government of Christ)

I’ll speak the honours of my King,
His form divinely fair;
None of His sons of mortal race
May with the Lord compare.


Sweet is Thy speech, and heav’nly grace
Upon Thy lips is shed;
Thy God, with blessings infinite,
Hath crow’d Thy sacred head.


Gird on Thy sword, victorious Prince,
Ride with majestic sway;
Thy terrors shall strike through Thy foes,
And make the world obey


Thy throne, O God, for ever stands;
Thy word of grace shall prove
A peaceful sceptre in Thy hands,
To rule the saints by love.


Justice and truth attend Thee still,
But mercy is Thy choice;
And God, Thy God, Thy soul shall fill
With most peculiar joys.