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Hymn Author

L. F. W. Woodford


TUNE: Finlandia

Burn fire of God!

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Burn fire of God! my ransomed soul possessing;
Pure fire Thou art, and I would dwell in Thee.
Light of my life, true source of every blessing,
Grant all my days one holy flame to be.


Burn fire of God! Thy grace and glory knowing,
My cleansèd heart shall be all fire within:
Love all constraining, tenderness o’erflowing,
One kindling passion other lives to win.


Burn fire of God! Thy cloven tongue bestowing,
Baptising me with heavenly energy.
Touched with live coals from off Thine altar glowing,
My purgèd lips shall speak alone of Thee.


Burn fire of God! with seven-fold refining,
Till, mirrored from my deeps Thine eyes shall see
In purest gold Thy perfect image shining:
Thy Christ revealed in clear irradiancy.


Burn fire of God! by Thine own love transcending,
Let all I hold be Thine, and Thine alone!
Heart, mind and will a sacrifice ascending,
Consumed by fire from out Thy fiery Throne.