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Charles Wesley

Charles Wesley

(1708 – 1788)

TUNE: Stracathro

Be it according Thy word

Charles Wesley was possibly the most prolific hymn writer that ever lived. It is estimated that he wrote more than 6500 hymns. He was born In Epworth, Lincolnshire (UK) . Along side his brother, John, Charles was used mightily by God during the 18th century ‘Great Evangelical Awaking’.


Be it according to Thy word!
This moment let it be,
O that I now, my dearest Lord,
Might lose my life for Thee!


Now, Jesu, let Thy powerful death
Into my being come,
Slay the old Adam with Thy breath,
The man of sin consume.


Whate’er I have, or can, or am,
I now would fain resign,
And lose my nature, and my name,
O God, to purchase Thine.


Withhold whate’er my flesh requires,
Poison my pleasant food,
Spoil my delights, my vain desires,
My all of creature-good.


My old affections mortify,
Nail to the cross my will,
Daily, and hourly bid me die,
Or altogether kill.


Passion, and appetite destroy,
Tear, tear this pride away,
And all my boast, and idle joy,
And all my nature slay.


Jesu, my life, appear within,
And bruise the serpent’s head,
Enter my soul, extirpate sin,
Cast out the cursed seed.


Thou wilt, I know, thou wilt appear,
And end this inward strife,
Thy harbinger proclaims Thee near,
And death makes way for life.


Hast thou not made me willing, Lord?
Would I not die this hour?
Then speak the killing, quickening word,
Slay, raise me by thy power.


Slay me, and I in Thee shall trust,
With thy dead men arise,
Awake, and sing from out the dust,
Soon as this nature dies.


O let it now make haste to die,
The mortal wound receive;
So shall I live; and yet not I,
But Christ in me shall live.


Be it according to Thy word,
This moment let it be,
The life I lose for thee my Lord,
I find again in thee.