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Overviews: Old Testament

The Bible consists of 66 books. 39 in the Old Testament (OT), and 27 in the New Testament (NT). They were written over a period of some 1400+ years by at least 40+ authors. Yet they all have the same theme: they speak of Christ ~ Jn.5:39

Originally the scriptures would have been written down on scrolls in columns, the idea of chapters and verses is quite a [relatively] modern innovation. Like verses and chapters, outlines were not in the original text; they present, however, a useful guide to the message of the book. The suggested outlines are offered as guide in studying the scriptures.

This sections covers the Old Testament Books.


This is one of the saddest books of the whole Bible: it records Israel’s repeated backslidings and God’s faithfulness in delivering them time and again.

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During the dark days of the Judges, we have recorded in Ruth an oasis in the desert.

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I Samuel

I Samuel deals with Israel’s change from the period of the Judges to the beginning of the kings.

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II Kings

II Kings deals with the history of Israel & Judah until their fall to Assyria and Babylon respectively.

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Ezra recounts the return of exiles under Zerubbabel including the rebuilding of teh Temple, and Ezra.

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Nehemiah gives the account of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem and Ezra’s teaching of the Word of God.

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The story of how a Jewess, married to a Gentile king, saved her people from destruction.

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This book addresses one of the oldest questions that is known to the human race,: why do we suffer?

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Daniel was an exile in Babylon, and this book contains remarkable prophecies concerning world events.

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Hosea the first of the Minor Prophets. This pre-exilic prophet warns of imminent judgement because of Israel’s idolatry, but also of God’s love for them and promise of healing.

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Joel the second of the minor prophets is best known for his description of a locust plague and teh promise of the outpouring of the Spirit.

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Amos, a contemporary of Hosea, prophesies to the northern kingdom of Israel concerning the coming judgment.

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Micah announces judgment on God’s people, but with it the promise of the coming Messiah

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