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Book 16 of 39 in The Old Testament


Nehemiah, the king’s cupbearer, grieved at the plight of Jerusalem’s walls returns and sees to their rebuilding.

Author & date

Because of the similarity of the language between the books of the Chronicles, Ezra  and Nehemiah, students conclude that Nehemiah was complied by Ezra.


c.445- 425 BC

A. 3rd. return under Nehemiah Ch.1-7

  1. Nehemiah’s prayer Ch.1
  2. Nehemiah’s return Ch.2
  3. The walls built in troublous times Ch.3-7:3
  4. The Genealogy of teh people. C.7:4-73

B. Reforms Ch.8-13

  1. Ezra gives the sense of God’s word Ch.8
  2. The People confess Ch.9
  3. Covenant with the Lord Ch.10
  4. Dedication of the Temple Ch.12
  5. Nehemiah’s reforms Ch.13


a. general

  1. Until the third century the books of Ezra and Nehemiah were a single book.