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Book 33 of 39 in The Old Testament


Author & date

Micah, whose name means: who is like Jehovah?, was from the village of Moresh-gath, some 20 miles SW of Jerusalem. He prophesied in the days of kings Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. Thus making Micah a contemporary of Isaiah.


A. Hear all ye people, Ch.1:1-2:13

  1. Setting Ch.1:1
    • The man
    • The time
  2. The witness of God Ch.1:2-4
    • The Lord comes down
    • The mountains and valleys melt
  3. The transgression of Jacob, Ch.1:5-16
    • Abstract
    • Samaria
    • The Prophet’s Lament
    • Judah
  4. Workers of Iniquity, Ch.2:1-5
    • The sins
    • The consequences
  5. Objections of and answers to the oppressors, Ch.2:6-11
    • Oppressors objections
    • Oppressors answered
  6. God’s assembling, Ch.2:12-13
    • The Remnant gathered
    • The Breaker

B. Hear O heads of Jacob, Ch.3:1-5:15

  1. The sins of the heads, Ch.3:1-12
    • The Princes
    • The Prophets
    • Summary
  2. The salvation of the Lord, Ch.4:1-5:15
    • The House of the Lord
    • The Coming of the Lord

C. Hear the Lord’s controversy, Ch.6;1-7:20

  1. Micah: the summons, Ch.6:1-2
  2. 1st Cycle: God’s plan, Ch.6:3-5
    • God: the Plea
    • People: the inquiry
    • Micah: the Answer
  3. 2nd Cycle: God’s plaint, Ch.6:9-7:14
    • God: the Charge
    • People: confession
    • Micah; answer of hope
    • People: prayer of hope
  4. 3rd. Cycle: God’s promise, Ch.7:15-20
    • God: the promise
    • Micah: the nations shall see
    • Micah: song of praise


a. Messianic prophecies

Despite Israel’s sin and idolatry and the judgement that was to come as a result, God never forgot His promise and in Micah He not only confirms them but also gives further details of the Messiah.

Consider the following:

  • Compare Micah 7:20 & Rom.15:8-12
  • Micah.2:12-13  alluding to Ezk. 34 & Jn. 10
  • Micah 7:15 , the promise of a greater  Exodus  Lk.9:30, decease = exodus
  • Micah 5:2 -5a  the coming Messiah, the place and His character, quoted Mtt.2:1-6

b. Other quotes from Micah.

Apart from the Messianic prophecies Micah is quoted in other places.

  • Micah 3:12  quoted in Jer.26:18, which saved Jeremiah’s life.
  • Micah.7:6  quoted by Jesus in Mtt.10:35-36