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Book 8 of 39 in The Old Testament


During the dark days of the Judges, we have recorded in Ruth an oasis in the desert.

Author & date

The author and date are unknown, but the internal evidence of the book suggests that it was written after teh period of the Judges. see Ruth1:1& Ruth 4:22, which records the genealogy down to David.


A. Ruth chooses Ch.1

  1. Elimelech moves to Moab Ch1:1-5
  2. Ruth returns with Naomi Ch.1:6-22

B. Ruth & Boaz Ch.2-3

  1. Ruth in Boaz’s field Ch2:1-3
  2. Boaz’s kindness Ch.2:4-17
  3. Naomi’s encouragement Ch.2:18-3:6
  4. Ruth’s legal claim Ch.3:7-36

C. Ruth & Boaz marry Ch.4

  1. The nearest kinsman refuses to redeem Ch.4:1-7
  2. Boaz redeems and marries Ruth Ch.4:8-12
  3. Genealogy of David Ch.4:13-22


a. NotableĀ 

There are only two books of the Bible devoted the he history of women:

  1. Ruth, a Gentile, who marries a Hebrew man
  2. Esther, a Jewess, who marries a gentile.

b. The Famine

Ruth 1:1-5, was this the famine of Jud.6:3-4?