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Book 6 of 39 in The Old Testament


The sixth book of the Bible. This book is an account of how the children of Israel entered, conquered and colonised Canaan, under the leadership of Joshua.

Author & date

The Talmud says that, apart from the last five verses, Joshua himself wrote the book that bears his name. There is no reason to question this assertion at all. The internal evidence is consistent with this: it was written before King David’s time ( Jos. 15:63 – David expelled the Jebusites) and whilst Rahab was still living (Jos. 6:25)


A. Crossing into Canaan Ch.1-5

  1. Joshua commissioned  Ch.1
  2. The land spied Ch.2
  3. Crossing Jordan Ch.3-4
  4. Reproach of Egypt removed Ch.5

B. Conquering Canaan Ch.6-12

  1. The first fruits Ch.6-7
  2. The land subdued Ch.8-12

C. Colonising Canaan Ch.13-24

  1. The first possessions Ch.13-17
  2. The remaining possessions Ch.18-21
  3. Joshua’ farewell Ch.23-24