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Book 28 of 39 in The Old Testament


Author & date

Hosea  the son of Beeri in the time of  the kings of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah in the kingdom of Judah, and Jeroboam II in Israel.  The book is predominantly addressed to Israel, but there are some messages  for Judah.


A. Hosea’s Family Life Ch.1-3

  1. Setting Ch.1:1
  2. Marriage Ch,1:2-3
  3. Children ch.1:4-9
  4. Sons of the Living God Ch.1:10-2:1
  5. Israel’s condition  Ch.2:2-23
    1. The charges
    2. God’s Judgement
    3. Restoration promised
  6. Israel shall return Ch.3:1-5
    1. Hosea & Gomer a picture
    2. Israel’s state

B. Hosea Prophesies Ch.4-14

  1. The Lord’s Controversy Ch.4-7
    1. Controversy set out
    2. Lack of knowledge
    3. Idolatry
    4. Warning to Judah
    5. Message to leaders
    6. Israel’s sickness
    7. God’s judgements
    8. The prophet’s plea
    9. Israel’s transgressions
    10. The lord knows thy works
    11. The Lord’s discipline
  2. The Lord’s Judgement and Appeal Ch.8-10
    1. Five  trumpet blasts
      1. Transgression and Trespass
      2. False Kings
      3. Idolatry
      4. Seeking help from Assyria
      5. False altars
    2. Israel’s punishment
      1. Death of Joy
      2. Exile
      3. Lack of discernment
      4. Nemesis of population
      5. God Casting off
    3. Summary and appeal
  3. The Love of Jehovah Ch.11-14
    1. God Speaks (1) Israel Separated Ch.11:1-12:1
    2. Hosea Speaks (1) Israel’s power with God Ch.12:2-6
    3. God Speaks (2) Israel becomes Canaan Ch.12:7-11
    4. Hosea Speaks (2)  Israel’s path to death Ch.12:12-13:1
    5. God Speaks (3)  Israel’s help Ch.13:2-14
    6. Hosea Speaks (3) Israel’s Judgement Ch.13:15-14:3
    7. God Speaks (4) Israel’s Healing Ch.14:4-9


a. Hosea’s Message

Hosea’s private family life takes up the opening Chapters of this book.  God had commanded Hose to  marry Gomer and rescue her when she had been unfaithful.

This is set out as an illustration of Israel’s relationship with God. The children’s names  also reflect the message God had for his nation.

Hosea through his tragic family life learnt what infidelity means to love, not the wrath of God but the  heartbreak of  God.

Campbell Morgan’s book : Hosea the Heart and Holiness of God is recommended.

b Historical context

Jeroboam II’s reign  can be regarded as the Northern kingdom’s golden era. He had the longest of Israel’s kings – 41 years. During that time he was, according to Edersheim ,  the most war-like king and the most successful. His reign was distinguished by the defeat of Syria and the recovery of all lost territory, II Kgs. 14:23-29. However, it was a terrible time religiously with idolatry abounding, eg. Hos.2:18; Amos 3:15 etc.

Upon his death Israel entered a period of darkness and troublous times. There was conspiracies and coups in plenty, until the final Assyrian assault II Kgs. 15–17