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Book 37of 39 in The Old Testament


Alongside Zechariah, Haggai prophesied to the returning exiles encouraging them to rebuild the temple.

Author & date

Haggai, the author, gives us the exact dating of his prophecy. the second year of king Darius of Persia, c. 520 BC.


A. First Prophecy – Rebuke, Ch.1:1-11

  1. Setting, 1:1
    • The man
    • The Time
  2. The People’s excuse 1:2
  3.  God’s reply,  1:3-11
    • Consider your ways
    • Result of neglect

B. Second Prophecy – Encouragement, Ch.1:12-15

    1. The People’s obedience, 1:12
    2. Haggai’s Message, 1:13
    3. Work recommenced, 1:14-15

C. Third Prophecy- Consolation, Ch.2:1-9

  1. Dating, 2:12.
  2. The Former Glory, 2:2-3
    • How do you see it now?
    • Exhortation
  3. The Latter Glory, 2:4-5
    • The House filled with Glory
    • Greater than the Former

D. Fourth Prophecy- Cleansing and Blessing, Ch.2:10-19

  1. Holiness and Uncleanness, 2:10-14
    • Questions and Answers
    • Application
  2. The Lord’s Work, 2:15-19
    • From before a stone was laid
    • From teh day the foundation was laid

E. Fifth Prophecy – The Messianic Line, Ch.2:23

  1. The Nations Consumed, 2:20-22
  2. The Line of Zerubbabel secured, 2:23
    • The Servant
    • The Signet


a. The Return from Exile

The return from Exile took place in three distinct phases

  1. Under Zerubbabel c. 536 BC
    • When Cyrus the great became king God stirred him up to have teh Jews return and to rebuild the temple. II Chr.36:22-23; Ezra 1:1-4.
  2. Under Ezra c. 458/7 BC
  3. Under Nehemiah c. 445 BC
    • He was given the task to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

b. People mentioned 

Darius the king reigned from c. 522-486 BC.

Zerubbabel was of teh line of David, and is in eh genealogy of Jesus in Matthew and Luke. Though some commentators take teh view that the Zerubbabel in Luke’s list is a different person.

Joshua the High Priest.

Zerubbabel was teh civil leader of the Jews, whilst Joshua teh religious leader