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Book 15 of 39 in The Old Testament


The book of Ezra covers roughly the period 536 BC – 457 BC. It begins with the decree of Cyrus leading to the rebuilding of the Temple. The second half deals with the return of exiles under Ezra.

Author & date

Because of the similarity of the language between the books of the Chronicles, Ezra  and Nehemiah, students conclude that Ezra was complied   by Ezra.


A. 1st. return under Zerubbabel Ch.1-6

c.536-516 BC

  1. Decree of Cyrus Ch.1
  2. Those  who returned with Zerubbabel Ch.2
  3. Temple rebuilt Ch.3-6
    • The work commences Ch.3
    • Opposition Ch.4
    • Rebuilding resumes Ch.5
    • Temple finished and dedicated Ch.6

B. 2nd. return under Ezra Ch.7-10

c.458-457 BC

  1. Ezra arrives in Jerusalem Ch.7
  2. Those who returned with Ezra Ch.8
  3. Ezra’s intercession for the people Ch. 7
  4. The people’s repentance  Ch.8


a. General

  1. Until the third century the books of Ezra and Nehemiah were a single book.
  2. Ch.4:8-6:18 were originally in Aramaic

b. Prophets

  1.  Haggai and Zechariah prophesied at this time. Ch.5:1