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Book 17 of 39 in The Old Testament


Esther, a Jewess marries a Gentile king and saves her people from destruction.

Author & date

Various theories about the authorship of Esther have been proposed.

  1. Ezra.
  2. Mordecai based on Ch.9:20.
  3. The book being a transcript of the official Persian records.
  4. An unknown Jew.


A. The Feast of the King Ch.1-2:17

  1. Vashti deposed Ch.1
  2. Esther chosen as Queen Ch.2:1-17

B. The Feast of Esther Ch.2;18-7:10

  1. The King makes a feast for Esther Ch.2:18-20
  2. Mordecai saves the King Ch.2:21-23
  3. Haman’s plot against the Jews Ch.3
  4. Mordecai persuades Esther to plead to the King Ch.4
  5. Esther finds favour with the King Ch.5
  6.  Mortdecai honoured by the King Ch.6
  7. Haman’s plot exposed and is executed Ch.7

C. The  Feast of Purim Ch.8-10

  1. Ahasuerus makes a decree to help teh Jews. Ch.8
  2. The Jews defeat the enemy Ch.9:1-19
  3. The Feast of Purim established  Ch.9:20-32
  4. Ahasuerus and Mordecai Ch.10


a. General

  1.  The king mentioned in Esther, Ahasuerus, is believed, by many commentators, to be Xerxes the Great.