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Book 30 of 39 in The Old Testament


Author & date

Amos in the days of Uzziah (Judah)  and Jeroboam II (Israel). Although from Tekoa in Judah, Amos’s prophecy is mainly to Israel,  though there are prophecies concerning other nations as well.


A. Judgement on the Nations Ch.1:1-2:16

1. Setting Ch.1:1-2
2. Gentile Nations Ch.1:3-2:3

  1. Damascus, Syria
  2. Gaza, Philistines
  3. Tyre, Phoenicia
  4. Edom
  5. Ammon
  6. Moab

3. God’s people Ch.2:4-16

  1. Judah
  2. Israel

B. The Word of the Lord Ch.3:1-6:14

1. Against the children of Israel Ch.3;1-15

  1.  The privileged people
  2. The Lord has spoken
  3. The day of visitation

2. Those in the mountains of Samaria Ch.4:1-13

  1. The kine of Bashan
  2. Israel’s pleasing
  3. Failure to return despite judgement
  4. Prepare to mee thy God

3. A Lamentation against Israel Ch.5:1-6:14

  1. The fallen virgin
  2. Thus saith the Lord (1) — the city
  3. Thus saith the Lord (2) — seek God and live
  4. Thus saith the Lord (3) — the woes
    1. Wailing
    2. Woe (1) –Israel’s delusions
    3. Woe (2) — Israel’s indulgences
    4. Wreckage

C. Visions of Judgement Ch.7:1-9:10

1. Vision 1 — the locusts Ch.7:1-3

a. Judgement threatened and withheld

2. Vision 2 — the fire Ch.7:4-6

a. Judgement threatened and withheld

3. Vision 3 — the plumbline Ch.7:7-10

a. Judgement decided

4. Historic interlude Ch.7:11-17

a. Amaziah – the priest of Bethel
b. Amos the prophet of God

5. Vision 4 — the summer fruits Ch.8:1-14

a. The end is come
b. Message to the  oppressors
c. Famine of God’s Word

6. Vision 2 — the altar Ch.9:1-10

a. Inevitable judgement
b. Righteous judgement

D. Restoration Ch.9:11-15

1. the Tabernacle of David Ch.9:11-12

a. NT Commentary Acts 15:14-19

2. The days are coming Ch.9:13-15



It is unclear what the earthquake mentioned in Amos refers to and when. Zechariah mentions it some years later after the exile, Zech.14:5 such was its impact. Josephus attributes the earthquake to Uzziah’s sin in invading the priests’ office, but this is speculation.
Amos prophesied during the reign of Jeroboam II. Israel was at its zenith. Jeroboam had retaken much land from their enemies, and Israel enjoyed prosperity. However there was much that was wrong in God’s sight. There was great social injustice, bribery, and oppression of the poor to name but a few of the ills. Amos pointed these out and declared the certainty of judgement, especially in the light of the  privileges God favoured them with.