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Book 26 of 27 in the New Testament


Jude originally intended to write about ‘the common salvation’, but found it necessary to write this epistle as an exhortation in view of those creeping in unawares v.3

Author & Date

Many commentators agree that the Jude, who wrote this epistle, was one of the earthly half brothers of the Lord Jesus, Mtt. 13:55, Mk.6:3.

It was written after II Peter since it refers to Peter’s prophecy from that epistle.


Jesus: the one who keeps vv1-4

A. Kept in Jesus

  1. Those sanctified v1
  2. Those preserved (=kept) v1
  3. Exhortation to contend for the faith vv2-3

B. Those who kept not vv5-19

1. Examples 1

  • The unbelievers out of Egypt v5
  • The angels, who kept not their first estate v6
  • Sodom & Gomorrah v7

2. Characteristics 1

  • Dreamers, despisers, evil speakers v8,10
  • A stark counter-example v9

3. Examples 2

  • The way of Cain v11a
  • The error of Balaam v11b
  • The rebellion of Korah v11c

4. Characteristics 2

  • Their lives vv12-13
  • Their mouths v16
  • Their walk vv17-19
  • Their judgement vv14-15

C. Keep yourselves vv20-23

  1. Build yourselves up vv20-21
  2. Having  compassion vv22-23

D. He is able to keep vv24-25

  1. From falling v24a
  2. To present you faultless v24b
  3. To Him be glory v25


a. Unique references

It is the only book in Scripture that mentions:

  1. The dispute over Moses’ body v. 9
  2. Enoch’s prophecy v.14-15.

b. Key words

  1. Eternal things ; (a) Life v21; (b) Chains v6; (c) Fire v7
  2. Keep & kept v1 (preserved =kept), 6 ; v21; v24

c. Textual note

F.F. Bruce  in commenting  about  verse 5 , says that there is strong textual evidence the verse should read “Jesus” instead of Lord. That is:

I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that Jesus having saved the people…”

Compare this with I Cor.10:4