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I & II Thessalonians


Books 13 & 14 of 27 in the New Testament

I & II Thessalonians

The two letters to the Thessalonians were written not long after the church there had been established. Both  addressing some false notions of  the  Lord’s second coming.

Author & Date

Both written by the apostle Paul from Corinth. The first c.53 AD and the second not long after that


Jesus our returning Saviour

A. I Thessalonians Ch.1-5

  1. An inspiring hope Ch.1
  2. An encouraging hope Ch.2
  3. A purifying hope Ch.3
  4. A comforting hope Ch.5
  5. A rousing hope Ch.5

B. II Thessalonians Ch.1-3

  1. A comfort to the persecuted  a terror to the ungodly Ch.1
  2. An opportunity to stand fast in the midst of wickedness Ch.2
  3. An opportunity for service and not disorder Ch.3


a. Paul’s visit to Thessalonica

Thessalonica was the capital of the province of Macedonia. It was a cosmopolitan city with a very  important commercial port. There was a large Jewish population. Paul arrived at Thessalonica after leaving Philippi. II Thess.2:1-2.  There, Paul received a gift from the believers at Philippi Phil. 4:16. He spent three sabbaths preaching from the scriptures. Those that believed not stirred up the people forcing Paul and Silas to leave. Paul went to Berea, Athens and then to Corinth, where it is believed Paul wrote these two epistles. cmp. Acts 18:5 Timothy was sent to Thessalonica I Thess.3:1-2; 6-7.

b. Purposes of the epistles

The second coming of Jesus is the central theme of both these letters. From I Thess. 3;1-8 and II Thess.2: 1-2 it would appear that Paul’s teaching was based on the reports Timothy gave. Each of the eight chapters has themes related to the second coming of Jesus