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Book 19 of 27 in the New Testament


Author & Date

The author of Hebrews is not known for certain. Many possibilities have been suggested. The most common belief is that of Paul the Apostle. Pink in his commentary presents a strong case for Paul. Other suggestions include Apollos and Barnabus.

From internal evidence its date of writing is c.64 AD.


Jesus our Great High Priest

A. Jesus, Greater than the Prophets Ch.1:1-3

  1. The Son in whom God has spoken Ch.1:1
  2. The Son more than the prophets Ch.1:2
  3. The Son, His glory and personal work Ch.1:3

B. Jesus, Greater than the Angels (1) Ch.1:3-14

  1. As Son of God

C. First Warning Ch.2:1-4

Danger of neglect

  1. What we ought to do Ch.2:1
  2. Danger of neglecting Ch.2:2
  3. The Great salvation Ch.2:3-4

D. Jesus, Greater than the Angels (2) Ch.2:5-18

  1. As Son of man

E. Jesus, greater than Moses Ch.3:1-6

  1. Consider Jesus Ch.3:1-2
  2. Compare Christ and Moses Ch.3:2-6a
  3. Continue confidence in Christ Ch.3:6b

F. Second warning Ch.3:7-4:13

Danger of unbelief

  1. The Holy Spirit says Ch.3:7a
  2. OT example Ch3.7b-12
  3. Exhortation Ch.3:12-15
  4.  Rest Ch.3:16-4:10
  5. Labour to enter Ch.4:11-13

G. Jesus, Greater than Aaron (1) Ch.:14-5:10

  1. A Great High priest Ch.4:14-16
  2. Qualities of our GHP Ch.5:1-10

H. Third warning Ch.5:11-6:20

Danger of Slothfulness

  1. Dull of hearing Ch.5:11-14
  2. Onto Perfection Ch.6:1-8
  3. Perseverance Ch.6:9-20

I. Jesus, greater than Aaron (2) Ch.7:1-8:13

  1. Melchizedek Ch.7:1-19
  2. Jesus our Great High priest Ch.7:20-8:9
  3. Change of the Law Ch.8:7-13

J. Jesus, Greater than the tabernacle Ch.9:1-12

  1. The Tabernacle type Ch.9:1-5
  2. The Priests’ service Ch.9:6-10
  3. Christ the Fulfillment Ch.9:11-12

K. Jesus, Greater than the blood of animals Ch.9:12-10:25

  1. By His own Blood Ch.9;12-23
  2. Once for all Ch.9:25-10:18
  3. A new and Living way Ch.10:19-25

L. Fourth Warning Ch.10:26-39

Wilful sin and drawing back

  1. Apostasy Ch.10:26-31
  2. Call to remembrance Ch.10:32-34
  3. Cast not away Ch.10:35-39

M. Jesus, Greater than the riches of this world Ch.11:1-40

  1. Faith explained Ch.11:1-3
  2. Life of faith Ch.11:4-12
  3. Sight of faith Ch.11:13-16
  4. Achievements of faith Ch.11:17-31
  5. Conquering faith Ch.11:32-35a
  6. Suffering faith Ch.11:35b-38
  7. Obtaining faith Ch.11:39-40

O. Jesus, Greater than the cloud of witnesses Ch.12:1-13

  1. Jesus, the Author and Finisher. Ch.12:1-4
  2. The Chastening of the Lord Ch.12:5-13
    • note. Most modern versions translate chastening as discipline

P. Fifth Warning Ch.12:14-29

Against rejection of the Son of God

  1. Peace and Holiness Ch.12:14-17
  2. The City of God Ch.12:18-24
  3. Refuse not Him Ch.12:25-29

Q. Jesus, Greater than any other Shepherd Ch.13:1-25

  1. The Shepherd’s supply Ch.13;1-9
  2. The Shepherd’s sacrifice Ch.13:10-19
  3. The Shepherd of the sheep Ch.13:20-24


a. Background & message

In reading Hebrews, it is important to keep in mind the audience the writer had in mind. The first recipients of the epistle were converted Jews who, facing persecution and trials, were tempted to go back to Judaism. This letter was an exhortation not to fall back but to press on. The writer does this by showing the superiority of the New Covenant in Christ, His person and redemptive work.

b. Key words

(i) Better

1. 1:4 Better than the Angels
2. 7:9 A better hope
3. 7:22 A better testament (Covenant)
4. 8:6a A better Covenant
5. 8:6b Better promises
6. 9:23 Better sacrifices
7. 10:34 Better and enduring substance
8. 11:16 A better country
9. 11:35 Better resurrection
10. 11:40 Some better things for us
11. 12:24 The blood of Jesus speaks better things
(i) 6:9 Persuaded of better things of you
(ii) 7;7 The less is blessed of the better


(ii)  Let us

1. 4:1 Let us therefore fear….
2. 4:11 Let us labour to enter that rest
3. 4:14 Let us hold fast the profession
4. 4:16 Let us come boldly to the throne of grace
5. 6:1 Let us go on to perfection
6. 10:22 Let us draw near
7. 10:23 Let us hold fast our profession
8. 10:24 Let us consider one another
9. 12:1a Let us lay aside every weight and sin
10. 12:1b Let us run with patience
11. 12:28 Let us have grace
12. 13:13 Let us go forth to Him
13. 13:15 Let us offer the sacrifices of praises