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SECTION II: Flesh or Spirit? Ch.3:1-5:6

A. The Galatians – Bewitched Ch.3:1-5

A1  Foolishness

A2 Having begun

B. Abraham and the Promise Ch.3:6-22

B1 Even as Abraham Ch.3:6-9

B2 Father Abraham Ch.3:6-9

B3 The Curse and the Blessing Ch.3:10-13

B4 The Promise and the Covenant Ch.3:14-18

B5 The purpose of the Law Ch.3:19-26

B6 Baptised into Christ Ch.3:27-29

C. Two positions – Sons or servants Ch.4:1-4:7

C1 Position of Sons Ch.4:1-7

D. The Galatians – Turned back Ch.4:8 -20

D1. Knowing God Ch.4:8-20

D2. Turning back Ch.4:8-20

D3 From Spirit to Flesh Ch.4:8-20

E. Two Covenants – Born of the Spirit or of the Flesh Ch.4:21-31

E1 Two sons  Ch.4:21-25

E2 Two Jerusalem Ch.4:26-31

F. Two ways – Liberty or Bondage Ch.5:1-6

F1 The Liberty Ch.5:1

F2 Fallen from grace! Ch.5:2-6