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Section IIE

Danger 4 – Mysticism
Answer: Christ our Life


Study E11

Concluding thoughts on section E

Study E12 Concluding thoughts on section E

The final danger highlighted in this second section of Colossians is that of mysticism. We saw that there were two practices mentioned; firstly, supernatural experiences, in this case visions of angels, and secondly, aesthetic practices, including the neglecting of the body.

Such practices are not grounded in scriptural revelation, but are the fruit of ‘will worship’, that is a self-manufactured religion. They are of no spiritual value at all, if anything they will take a person away from Christ. If a person persists in these practice, they could easily end up in a very dark and dangerous place indeed. One only needs to read the life of some of the old mystics to see this.

Instead we saw, as has been the message throughout Colossians, that Christ is the answer. He is our life. Jesus is the very source of spiritual life. Without Him we are nothing and can do nothing. It is as we abide in the true Vine that we live and bear fruit unto God.

Let us therefore put away all practices that would deflect us from the true life that is in Christ.