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Section IIB

Danger 1: Enticing Words,
Answer: Walk in Christ


Study B8

Concluding thoughts

Study B8-Concluding thoughts to section B

God’s provision of His Son for our redemption is  the greatest demonstration of His love for us. It was also the only way in which  God could have secured our salvation. This salvation is not just rescuing us from eternal destruction, but is also the provision to live as God wants us to live. To walk as Christ walked when He was on the earth.

In Christ the Father has provided all things necessary for our salvation and day to day life.

The devil’s aim is  to seduce God’s people from the true path. One way is by enticing words. Words which seem reasonable, but make their appeal to the flesh. They are suggestions to live our lives independent of God, just as he tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Whether these words been rooted in Vain Philosophy, Legalism or Mysticism makes no difference. They are designed to take us away from God.

The only answer to counter this temptation is to walk in Christ as we received Him. In faith and in total dependence on Him for our  provision from day to day.