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Outline Section I

The Supremacy of Christ

Outline of section I

Christ our all in all

I. The Supremacy of Christ Ch.1:1-2:3

Christianity is about a person, the Lord Jesus Christ:

Christ in Whom:

A. His people trust Col.1:1-8

A1. The place and the people Ch.1:1-8

A2. Faith, Hope & Love Ch.1:1-8

B. His people are to walk Col.1:9-11

B1. Paul’s prayer Ch.1:9

B2. Walking worthy Ch.1:10-11

C. We have redemption Col.1:12-14

C1. Partakes of the inheritance Ch.1:12

C2. Translated Ch.1:13

C3. Redemption Ch.1:14

D. All the fullness dwells Col.1:15-23

D1. The image of God Ch.1:15

D2. Creator & Sustainer Ch.1:16-17

D3 The pre-eminent one Ch.1:18-19

D4. Reconciliation Ch.1:20-23

E. Are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Col.1:24-2:3

E1.  The Mystery – Christ in you Ch.1:24-2:3