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Section IIC

Danger 2- Vain Philosophy
Answer: Complete in Christ




Appendices section C


In Col.2:12 we saw that as part of our completeness in Christ Paul describes that we have been buried with Christ in baptism As we made mention before this is not water baptism, which is just a picture of the true, rather it is that spiritual baptism that a believer has on new birth.


This is such an important metaphor that the OT scriptures gives several types of this baptism and with it some informative teaching of its significance in the believer’s life.

But first some words of caution regarding typology.

Typology is a broad term that refers to anything, which can be used to illustrate spiritual truth. These can be events, for example the Exodus, inanimate objects for example the Tabernacle and so on.

We would want make the following clear from the onset.

1. Since we hold to the inerrancy of scripture we accept, without reservation that the events under discussion as being real history, and happened exactly as described. So, for example, we hold to a literal 7-day creation, a worldwide universal flood etc. What we seek from these real events are the spiritual truths they illustrate.

2. Types are only illustrations and they should never be the foundations for doctrine. Any teaching must be consistent with the full revelation of the of scripture. Typology must never be pushed beyond that for  which it was intended.

Eight types

We have seven types regarding this baptism into Christ that we shall consider.
(i) The Creation,
(ii) The Flood,
(iii) The Exodus,
(iv) Israel’s entry into Canaan,
(v) The Mantle from on High,
(vi) Naaman
(vii) Jonah.