The Lamb of God

The  Summaries

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This page is a compilation of all the summary points from  each article.

 Study 1

1.    No one can  approach God except through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ
2.    God has made provision Himself of the sacrifice, and Jesus was that  provision
3.    Jesus redeemed us to God by being the ransom Himself
4.    Jesus’ sacrifice is unique and eternally effectual.

Study 2

The Lamb on the throne is:
  1. The one in  midst of the throne.
  2. The one that was slain. 
  3. The one unto whom all power in heaven and earth is given. 
  4. The one who sends the Holy Spirit. 
  5. The one who holds the future.

Study 3

The Lamb on Mount Sion is:
  1. The Mediator of the New Covenant
  2. The Surety of the New Covenant
  3. The Deliverer in the New Covenant
  4. The Exalted one
  5. The Victorious one

Study 4

The blood of the Lamb:
  1. Speaks better things than that of Abel in that it speaks of a better life, better application of remission and better benefits
  2. Redeems people from EVERY  section of humanity
  3. Cleanses us from EVERY sin, purges our conscious, and KEEPS us constantly clean as we walk in the light.
  4. Looses us from sin  in order to become a kingdom of priests.
  5. Makes us overcomers.

Contents    Part 1     Part 2    Part 3    Part 4