The Lamb

Detailed index of the studies  

Study 1
The Lamb
The acceptable Lamb
The provided Lamb
The redeeming Lamb
The eternal Lamb
Study 2
The Lamb on the throne
From the Old to the New
The Lamb in the midst
The Lamb slain
The Lamb with seven horns
The Lamb with seven eyes
The Lamb who holds the future
Study 3
The Lamb  on mount Sion
The Lamb standing
The Lamb on Sion
     a) Mountains
     b) The two mountains
           (i)   Sinai
           (ii)  Sion
     c)  Jesus
           (i)  Mediator
           (ii) Deliverer
Study 4
The  Blood of the Lamb
Sprinkling blood
Redeeming blood
Cleansing blood
            cleansed not covered
            continual cleansing
            loosing blood
Overcoming  blood