The Lamb

A series of articles on the theme: Jesus The Lamb of God.

Studies completed and planned

Study 1
The Lamb
A look at why Jesus is referred to as  the  Lamb
Study 2
The Lamb on the throne
A look at the Lamb on the throne
Study 3
The Lamb  on mount Sion
A look at the Lamb on Sion and its significance
Study 4
The  Blood of the Lamb
A look at some of the effects of Christ's shed blood
Study 5
The Shepherd Lamb In preparation
Study 6
The Worthy Lamb
In preparation
Study 7
The  Wrath of the  Lamb
In preparation
Study 8
The  Lamb's wife
In preparation
Index Detailed  index of the studies  
Appendix The Summaries Compilation of all the summaries