Christian Hymns

Throughout the centuries Christians have expressed truth and experience in  both word and song. This section looks at some of the hymns and their background, if known;  included is   the version of the hymn that is closest as possible to the author's original, in some cases this means [many] more verses! Though  some of the spellings, and  grammar, have been slightly updated .

Please note that I have only included those hymns, or songs which, to my knowledge, are either out of copyright or permission has been granted to reproduce them here, (where an acknowledgement is then  made). If there has been an oversight I ask for forgiveness and  on request  will rectify matters appropriately.


Hymns index       A - F Hymns listed alphabetical by first line or title
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Author index       A - E Hymn writers listed alphabetically with their hymns
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Metre/ suggested tunes An introduction to hymnal  metre and its use in choosing tunes.
Isaac Watts'  preface Isaac Watts preface to his hymns and spiritual songs 1707
John Wesley's preface John Wesley's famous   preface to the  1780 Methodist hymn book.
John Newton's preface John Newton's preface to the Olney Hymns.