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Other useful Christian web sites.   Below is a list of useful links to other Christian sites. This list is not  exhaustive, and is in no way  intended  as  a slight  on other sites.  We welcome  our attention to be drawn to  good Christian links, and will include them here if found suitable. Note we are not  responsible for the content of these sites, and do not necessarily endorse all that they contain.

Hymns etc.
A  site of hymns etc.
1889 collection of Wesley hymns.

Specific Issues A Christian apologetic site. Some good material. A legal   organisation wanting to see the UK return to the Christian faith. Christian influence in a secular world.
A site looking at the New Testament pattern of church and Christian living.

Bible Study Resources Free Bible software downloads. Highly recommended. Free Bible software downloads. Highly recommended.

Message boards/Forums An explorers guide to the New Covenant. 

General Resources
An Anabaptist site with some good materials including church history.
Free sermons available online and text format.

Some Bible search tools.
A site providing Bible answers to contemporary questions .
Christian E- cards.
The complete works of John Wesley on line.
A Christian search engine with some useful resources.
A site where good teaching messages etc. can be obtained. A site about the 'Plymouth Brethren', with some good resources. A non denominational organisation  with the aim to turn  the UK back to Jesus. NEW LIFE RADIO for good news & good music. Internet broadcast only
Fellowships & churches Bracknell UK Reading, UK. Eltham, UK. The Wirral, UK. Devon, UK. Exeter, Devon UK. Epsom Christian Fellowship, UK.

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