Typology is a broad term that refers to anything, which can be used to illustrate spiritual truth; these can be events, God-given instructions, inanimate objects etc. This section is intended to help the Bible student  with this aspect of Bible study.  Before  embarking on any of these studies there are a few points that need to be emphasised about typology.
  1. Types are only illustrations and they should never be the foundations for doctrine
  2. Any teaching must be consistent with the revelation of the New Testament. 
  3. Typology must never be pushed beyond that which was intended.
Taking up point 2 we may well ask is there any New Testament precedent for typology? Yes there is, for example in the Bible outline for Exodus we point this  out. In the NT the various words that are used to note types are: figure (several different Greek words) and shadow. An example given in the NT is the Flood; Peter says it's a figure of salvation, by being baptised into Christ  I Pet. 3:18-22. 

The following studies then  are offered  to help the student.

The animals  used in the Levitical  sacrifices
A basic introduction to typology
The Burnt Offering  1
 Its  purpose
The Burnt Offering 2 Its pattern