The Five Basic Levitical Offerings

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Lev.1; 6:8-13

Meat (Meal).
Lev. 2; 6:14-18

Lev.3; 7:11-21

Lev.4; 6:24-30

Lev.5 -6:1;7:1-10

voluntary offerings
compulsory offerings
According to possession
(Cattle, sheep, fowls; from rich to poor)
According to property.
Flour is raw ( no pans to cook)
cakes  are cooked (pan)
roasted grain is preserved  by fire (oven)
Common to all
Bullock, lamb, or goat; no birds.
According to position .
Priest/congregation  = bullock
Ruler = male kid
Commoner = female kid
According to practice

see notes below
Offerer's work
Identification with the sacrifice
Bring to priest with no leaven or honey; with salt.
Mtt.16:11-12; Prov.25:27; Num.18:19; Col.4:6

Slay the offering, lay hands on it , take the fat out.
The people lay hands on the sacrifice for identification and kills it
Confession of the guilty thing and restitution.
Priest's work
Sprinkling the blood; flaying, dividing, washing and burning of sacrifice.
Offer a handful.
Wave breast and shoulder. Blood sprinkled and fat burnt.
Priest/congregation  = blood sprinkled at vail and incense and offering altars
Ruler /Commoner = blood on horns of altar and poured out.

Sprinkling of blood for the different trespass offerings.
1st bird= blood sprinkled
2nd bird = burnt offering
God's portion
All that was burnt
The handful as a memorial
Fat and inwards
The whole
All that was burnt
Priest's portion
The skin
Lev. 7:8; I Cor.9:13-14
The remainder
Lev. 7:9-10
Breast and shoulder
Share of the sheep but NEVER the goat
The remainder
The remainder
Eph. 5:2
Jn. 12:24
Lk.2:14; Rom.5:1;
Col. 1:20
Rom.8: II Cor5:21
Isa.53:8; Col.2: 13-14
Symbolism of life
I Cor.6:20

Consecration of gifts/service
II Cor. 5:19
Rom. 5:11
1.  for trespass offering:  
  • For concealment of truth under oath
  • Defilement
  • Vows
  •  Dishonesty
  • Ignorance
  • In trust eg.  II Kg. 6:5
  • In partnership
  • In violence
  • Deception
  • Keepings things found.                                 return
2  With the meal offering the gift had to be worthy of the person to whom it was given.

3. The differences between sin and trespass offering can be seen by considering two examples:
  • With the trespass offering, restitution had to be made.
  • With the trespass offering, there were TWO  offerings,  a sin AND a  burnt offering.