Solomon the king wrote most of the  book of Proverbs , though other writers are identified in the book (see  outline below). It is recorded that on his ascension to the  throne, God appeared to Solomon and gave him wisdom and understanding, I Kgs. 4:29-34.

We see the  greatness of Solomon's wisdom in its:

1.  Source      I Kgs.4:29

2. Stature      I Kgs. 4:30-31

3. Summation   I Kgs. 4:32

4. Sway              I Kgs. 4:33-34

Solomon wrote  3000 proverbs  I Kgs.4:32  and set in order many proverbs  Eccl.12:9, but what order? There appears to be no order, but a seemingly random selection of proverbs. However God's order is not necessarily what we would call order. Here is a suggested outline for consideration.





Proverbs of Solomon (1) Ch.1-9
1. Purpose  Ch. 1:1-7
a) To know wisdom... Ch. 1:2a 
b) To perceive the words... Ch.1:2b
c) To receive ... Ch.1.3
d) To give subtilty..... Ch.1:4
e) To understand a proverb... Ch.1:6
2. Instructions to a son  Ch. 1:8-7:27
My son.......  
a) hear the instruction of thy father Ch.1: 8
b) if sinners entice thee consent not Ch.1:10
c) walk not thou in the way with them Ch.1:15
d) if thou wilt receive my words...... Ch.2:1
e) forget not my law Ch.3:1
f) despise not the chastening of the Lord Ch.3:10
g) let not them depart from thine eyes Ch.3:21
h) hear...and receive my sayings Ch.4:10
i) attend to my words Ch.4:20
j) attend to my wisdom Ch.5:1
k) why wilt thou ravished  by a strange woman? Ch.5:20
l) if thou be surety .....thou art snared...... Ch.6:1
m) do this...and deliver thy soul Ch.6:3
n) keep thy father's commandments Ch.6:20
o) keep my words Ch.7:1

3. The wisdom of God     Ch.8-9 & I Cor.1:24
a) Wisdom's invitation Ch.8:1-11
b) Wisdom's pre-eminence Ch.8:12-22
c) Wisdom's appointment Ch.8:23-36
d) Wisdom's building Ch.9:1-6
e) How to have wisdom Ch.9:7-12
f) Results of rejecting Wisdom Ch.9:13-18


Proverbs  of Solomon (2) Ch.10 - 24

Mainly a contrast between the righteous and wicked

Proverbs of Solomon (3) Ch.25-29
a)  The King Ch.25:1-8
b)  The neighbour Ch.25:9-28
c)  The fool Ch.26:1-12
d) The slothful Ch.26:13-16
e)  The meddler Ch.26:17-28
f)  Boast not... Ch.27:1-2
g) The friend Ch.27:3-10
h) My son be wise.... Ch.27:11-27
i) The ways of the wicked Ch28
j)  The righteous as opposed to the wicked Ch.29
The words of Agur Ch. 30
a) The word of God Ch.30:1-6
b) 2 things required Ch.30:7-15a
c) 4 things not satisfied Ch.30:15b-17
d) 4 things too wonderful Ch.30 18-20
e) 4 things for which the earth is disquiet Ch.30:21-23
f) 4 things  that are little, but wise Ch.30:24-28
g) 4 things that go well Ch.30:29-31
h) conclusion Ch.30:32-33
The words of Lemuel Ch. 31
The prophecy his mother taught him...
a) Give not thy strength...... Ch.31:1-9
b) The virtuous woman Ch.31:10-31

Proverbs, like the rest of the OT, cannot be properly understood without the full revelation of the NT.  In particular the fact that:  a greater than Solomon has come  Mtt.12:42,  Jesus  the wisdom of God.  I Cor.1:24