I Kings

An outline:

1. Introduction

In the Hebrew Bible, what we have as the two books of Kings  are in fact one book. Like Samuel and Chronicles they were split up when the LXX was made, and then became known as the third and fourth books of the Kings.

The writing, or rather editing of the Kings is usually ascribed to Ezra, though Ch8:8 suggests that some parts were written whilst the Temple was still standing.

2.  Time period

This book deals with the period of Solomon's reign until the death of King Ahab, thus covering a period of some 120 years.  Ch.6:1 has an interesting time note: it is stated that the Temple was begun in the 48oth. year since the Exodus. However it was in reality 573 years, the extra 93 years appears to be the time covered by the captivity of the Judges.

3. Outline

Prophets are highlighted in bold italics.

The United Kingdom of Israel

40 years
  • Adonijah tries to seize the throne
  • Solomon Proclaimed king
  • David's charge to Solomon
  • Slays Adonijah
Ch. 3-4
  • Solomon's wisdom
  • Solomon's princes and provisions
  • Solomon's source, stature, sum and sway
  • Solomon's league with Hiram
  • Solomon's buildings: the Temple and his own houses
  • The Temple dedicated
  • God appears a second time to Solomon
  • Solomon's buildings and Navy
  • Queen of Sheba's visit
  • Solomon's wealth
  • Solomon's heart turned away by his wives
  • The Lord's anger
  • The Lord stirs up  adversaries: Hadad & Rezon
  • Ahijah meets Jeroboam and prophesies the renting of the kingdom
  • Jeroboam lifts up his hand and flees to Egypt
  • Solomon dies, Rheoboam succeeds him

The Divided Kingdoms of Israel and Judah

Judah Israel
Ref. King Ref. King

17 years

  • Rejects  wise counsel
  • Kingdom divides as a result
  • Goes to fight Israel,
  • but is forbidden

The House of Jeroboam

22 years
  • Sets up false religion in Samaria
  • A man of God prophesies against Jeroboam
  • Ahijah tells of Abijah's death

3 years

  • Walked in the ways of his father

41 years

  • Did that which was right
  • His heart was perfect
  • War with Baasha
  • Diseased in his feet in old age

    15:25-26 Nadab
2 years
  • Did evil
    15:27 -

24 years

  • House of Issachar conspire against Nadab
  • House of Jeroboam smitten
  • Jehu prophesies against Baasha

2 years

  • His servant Zimri kills him
  • Zimri destroys all the house of Baasha

    15:15-20 Zimri
7 days  
  • Lasts only 7 days
  • Omri made captain and slays Zimri


The House of Ahab

12 years

  • Israel divided at the start of his reign
  • Omri prevailed against the followers of Tibni; Israel once more united.
  • Bought the hill Samaria
  • Did evil, walked after the ways of Jeroboam
  • Did worse than those before him
    15:29-22:40 Ahab
22 years
  • Son of Omri
  • Did evil in God's sight, above all that were before him
  • Elijah prophesies the famine
  • Elijah meets Obadiah
  • Ahab meets Elijah and the  challenge at Carmel
  • Famine ends
  • Elijah flees and anoints Elisha in his place
  • Benhadad besieges Samaria
  • A prophet tells Ahab of deliverance by the young men of the  princes of the provinces
  • Syrians slain
  • Benhadad comes a second time against Israel
  • Ahab spares Benhadad, makes a covenant with him
  • A prophet prophesies against Ahab for letting Benhadad go.
  • Ahab gains Naboth's  vineyard
  • Elijah Prophesies against Ahab
  • NOTE: 21:25 literally reads:  'Ahab did sell himself as a slave to work wickedness...'
  • Ahab humbles himself
  • Ahab allies himself with Jehoshaphat
  • Micaiah prophesies Ahab's death
  • Ahab dies in battle.
22: 41-50 Jehoshaphat
25 years

  • Began to reign in the 4th. year of Ahab
  • Did that which was right in God's eyes

 2 years
  • Did evil in the sight of God
  • Walked in the ways of Ahab, and he served Baal