The Pauline Epistles

A Summary 

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Dates given in brackets  are from the Newberry Bible.

Written before imprisonment
Written during  1st. imprisonment
Written after imprisonment
Written during 2nd. imprisonment
Romans (60)

The Gospel of Christ
I Corinthians (59)

Christ is made to us : wisdom, righteousness santification and redemption
II Corinthians (60)

to be added
Galatians  (58)

The Liberating Christ

Ephesians (64)

The Mystery of  Christ

Philippians  (64)

Rejoicing in Christ

Colossians (64)

The Preeminent  Christ
I Thessalonians (54)

The Returning Christ
II Thessalonians (54)

The Returning Christ

I Timothy (65)

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II Timothy (66)
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Titus (65)

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Philemon (64)

Refuge in Christ

 Note. Some scholars believe Galatians was the first epistle to be written.