I & II Thessalonians

An Outline

Background   Paul's visit   Purpose     Outline


     * Thessalonica was the capital of the province of Macedonia.
    * It was a cosmopolitan city with a very  important commercial port.
    * There was a large Jewish population.

2.Paul's visit. Acts 17:1-15

    * Arrived at Thessalonica after  leaving Philippi. II Thess.2:1-2
    * There Paul  received a gift from the believers  at Philippi  Phil. 4:16
    * He spent  three sabbaths preaching from the scriptures.
    * Those that believed not stirred up the people forcing Paul and Silas to leave.
    * Paul went to Berea, Athens and then to Corinth, where it is believed  Paul wrote these two epistles.  cmp. Acts 18:5
    * Timothy was sent to Thessalonica  I Thess.3:1-2; 6-7

3. Purpose of the epistle

     * The second coming of Jesus is the central theme of both these letters
    * From I Thess. 3;1-8 and II Thess.2: 1-2  it would appear that Paul's teaching was  based on the reports Timothy  gave.
    * Each of the eight chapters  has themes related to the second coming of Jesus

4. Chapter outline

Jesus our returning Saviour

I Thessalonians
1a hope that inspires  the newly converted ( vv. 9 -10)  
2a hope that encourages the servant of God ( vv19-20)
3:1-4:12a hope that purifies the believer ( 3:12-13)
4:13-18a hope that comforts bereaved saints ( vv13-18)
5a hope that rouses the sleepy believer( vv 1-10)

II Thessalonians
1               a comfort to the persecuted , a terror to the ungodly (vv 3-10)
2an opportunity to stand fast  in the midst of wickedness ( vv 15-16)
3an opportunity for service and not disorder (vv 5-10)