An Outline

 1. Background

  • Many commentators agree that the Jude,  who wrote this epistle, was one of the earthly half brothers of the Lord Jesus 
  • Mtt. 13:55, Mk.6:3
  • It was written after II Peter since it refers to Peter's prophecy from that epistle.


2. Outline

Jesus: the one who keeps

       Section                             Ref.                              Subsections
Kept in Jesus vv.1-4
Written to
a) those sanctified v.1
b) those preserved (=kept) v.1
c) exhort in order to contend for the faith v.2-3
Written because:
d) ungodly  men have crept in unawares v.4

Those who kept not vv.5-19
Examples.  1
The unbelieving people out of Egypt v.5
The angels that kept not their first estate v.6
Sodom & Gomorrah v.7
Characteristics 1.
dreamers; despisers;
evil speakers
A stark counter - example v9
Examples 2.
Cain v.11
Characteristics. 2
Their lives v.12-13
Enoch's prophecy v.14-15
Their mouths v.16
Their walk v.17-19
Keep yourselves vv20-23
Build yourselves up v.20-21
Compassion on others v.22-23
He is able to keep vv.24-25
He who is able, to Him be glory v.24-25

3. Notes

  • Jude originally intended to write about 'the common salvation', but found it necessary to write this epistle as an exhortation in view of those creeping in unawares. v.3
  • It is the only book in Scripture that mentions (i) the dispute over Moses' body v. 9  (ii) Enoch's prophecy v.14-15.