I Peter 

An outline 

1. Background

The  epistle  was written by the apostle Peter  I Pet.1:1 by the hand of Paul's companion Silas ( or Silvanus) I Pet.5:12.  It is reckoned that the date is c.60 AD

It was written t0 the strangers [=dispersion]  when Peter was at Babylon. I Pet.1:1;5:13. The identity of this Babylon can not be made for certain, but there are three candidates: firstly, literal Babylon, though unlikely; secondly, a  district in Egypt that was known as Babylon, where  a Jewish colony was to be found; or Rome, which is referred to as Babylon in the Revelation,  Rev.14:8.

2. Some  themes

2.1 The word precious occurs often in the two  epistles

1. I Pet.1:7 The trial of you faith more precious than Gold
2. I Pet.1:19 Redeemed with the precious blood of Jesus
3. I Pet. 2:4 The Lord, a living stone, chosen of God and precious
4. I Pet. 2:6 [Jesus] the Chief corner stone and precious
5. I Pet.2:7 Unto you who believe He is precious [= the preciousness]
6. I Pet.3:4 A meek and quiet spirit in the sight of God a great price [=precious]
7. II Pet.1:1 Precious faith
8. II Pet.1:4 Given unto us great and precious promises

2.2 The sufferings of Christ

Foretold I Pet.1:10-12 see Mtt.13:16
Foreordained I Pet.1:19-21 see Rev.13:8
Fulfilled I Pet.2:22-24; 3:18-22 compare II Cor.5:21

2.3 hope
I Pet.1:3 A living hope
I Pet.1:13 Hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought
I Pet.1:21 Your faith and hope be in God
I Pet.3:15 Be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in you

3.  Outline

Jesus the suffering Christ

Section Ref. Subsections Notes
 Introduction 1:1    
The believer's salvation 1:2-9
(a) Elect according to foreknowledge v2a
(b) Unto obedience v2b
(c) Begotten to a living hope v3
(d) An eternal inheritance v4
(e) Kept by the power of God v5
(f) Faith tried by fire v7
(g) Love for Christ v8
(h) Receiving the end of faith -salvation of your soul v9
Christ's suffering foretold 1:10-12
(a) By prophets who searched vv10-11
(b) Revealed for us v12
The believer's sojourning 1 1:13-17
(a) Be sober v13
(b) Be obedient v14
(c) Be holy v15
(d) Be in fear v17
Christ's suffering foreordained 1:18-21
(a) Before creation vv18-20
(b)Manifested in the last times v12
 The believer's  source 1:22-2:3
(a) Born again by the Word of God vv22-25
(b)Growth by the Word 2:1-3
Christ the living stone 2:4-10
(a) Rejected by men, chosen of God vv4-6
(b) To unbelievers a stone of stumbling, but to believers He is precious vv7-10
The believer's submission 1 2:11-3:12
(a) As strangers and pilgrims v11-12
(b) To every ordinance of man  v13-17
(c) Servants to Masters v16-25
(d) Wives and husbands 3:1-7
(e) One to another 3:8-12
The believer's suffering 1 3:13-17
(a) Be not afraid nor troubled v13-14
(b) Sanctify God in your hearts v15a
(c)Be ready with an answer for the hope in you v15b -17
For (b) compare Num.20:12
Christ's suffering  fulfilled 3:18-22
(a)The Just for the unjust v18
(b) Proclaiming to the  spirits in prison v19-20
(c) Resurrected and at God's right hand v20-22
see also 2:22-24
The believer's sojourning 2 4:1-11
(a) Have the mind of Christ vv.1-6
(b) Above all have fervent love vv.7-8
(c) Use hospitality v.9
(d) Minister as God has given vv.10-11
 For (a) Phil.2:5-8
The believer's suffering 2 4:12-19
(a) In suffering you are partakers of Christ's v.12-13
(b) On your part He is glorified v.14
(c) Not be ashamed if you suffer as a Christian v.15-16
(d) Commit your souls to God v.17-19
The believer's submission 2 5:1-9
(a) Elders in feeding the flock vv.1-4
(b) Youngers to the elders vv.5a
(c) Be subject one to another v5b
(d) Humble yourself under the hand of God v.6-7
(e) Resist the devil vv.8-9

Concluding words 5:10-14
(a) After suffering, God will make you perfect v10
(b) To Him be the glory v11
(c) This is the true grace wherein you stand vv.12-14