Weights and Measures 

Whilst it is good to have the modern versions  translate the  Biblical  weights and measures into their contemporary equivalent, so that we can have some idea of  the background,  some of the typical teaching is lost in so doing.  In typology the meaning is in the number of units used in the original text, so it is important to retain the literal  translation if we are to learn from  them.   Below we will  commence to put in the Biblical measures  together with their equivalents, as far as they can be  agreed by scholars! Note both the imperial and the metric equivalents are  given.

Jewish  Weights*

Jewish weight
Imperial weight
Metric weight
10  gerahs  =  1 beka
4.5 dwt
5 grammes
20  gerahs   = 1 shekel
9 dwt
10 grammes
1000 gerahs = 1 mina
3 oz. 7 dwt
500 grammes
60 000 gerahs = 1 talent
114 lbs  15dwt
30 kilogrammes.

* all conversions are approximate.