Strange words

Bible background

 Cab A dry measure: equivalent to 2 English quarts II Kgs.6:25
 Can skill To know how II Chr.2:8
Carriages Baggage Acts 21:15
Cauls Front band for a woman's head Isa.3:18
A plain or  level country. Deut. 11:30
Chapiter The  capital of a column I Kgs. 7:16
Charger Dish Mtt.14:8
Choler Anger / bitterness Dan.8:7;11:11
Chafed Bitter II Sam.17:8
Chapt Cracked / broken down Jer. 14:4
Churl Rude/ fraudulent Isa.32:7
Cockle A weed resembling wheat Job. 31:40
Collop A piece of flesh Job.15:27
Cor Dry measure = 220 Litres; liquid measure= 263 litres Ez.45:14
Coulters Iron agricultural tool I Sam. 13:21
* Countervail be compared to Est. 7:4
Covert Secret place Ps. 61:4
Cracknels Small dry cakes / cracker I Kgs. 14:3
Cruse Flask I Sam.26:11
Cumbered Hampered, hindered or distracted. Lk.10:40
Cumbereth To make vain/ render useless. Lk.13:7
Cummin Plant with aromatic seeds Isa. 28:7
Cunning Skilful Ex. 31:4
Embroidered Ex. 28:27
Glede A bird of prey that glides Dt.14:13