Strange words

Bible background

Abjects Those who slander/ strike out with their tongues Ps. 35:15
Adjure To place on an oath . Mtt. 26:23
Afore Before Isa.18:3
Agone Past/gone by I Sam. 30:13
Ague Fever Lev.26:16
Amerce To punish by a fine Deut. 2:18-19
Ancients Elders Jer.19:1
Anon Straightway, immediately Mtt.13:20
Assay To attempt I Sam.17:39
Asswage To subside Gen. 8:1-2
* Attent Hearing/ attentive IICh. 7:15
Avouched Declared/acknowledged Deut. 26:17
Axletree Bars that connect  wheels I Kgs. 7:31